tuck pointing dayton ohio

Tuck Pointing Dayton Ohio

Tuck Pointing Dayton Ohio has many types of residential and commercial buildings that require brick tuck pointing. If your home or business needs Tuck Pointing Repairs, please don’t delay in getting this repair completed.  It is very important to repair this type of masonry brick damage.    If you have found faulty mortar between masonry. We encourage you to have this tuck pointing damage inspected every year.

When mortar between brick and stone becomes loose or the integrity is weak, it is necessary to fix it for water proofing of the structure. We know that brick and stone may last for hundreds of years.  But mortar does not last as long.  This means that we must do Tuck Pointing of the mortar between the bricks or stone.

Many times the harsh weather may also make your brick masonry at risk.  The continued harsh weather just keeps wearing down the mortar until you start to see cracks and crevices that are crumbling.  Tuck pointing is truly a craft that needs to be done by masters of the technique.  As there are many things to consider when doing this type of repair.  There is the consistencies and color of the mortar that need to be perfectly matched.  Kettering Kustom Masonry is the expert at this service.

If your building has brick areas with crumbling mortar, hairline cracks and plaster erosion deeper than one fifth of an inch,  then please do call us and we will give you a free custom quote.


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